Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fabric Scrap Rag Alphabet {& template}

This was a project I made for Christmas. I was in love with this idea- I am in love with all things ABC lately. ☻ (see links below for various fabric abc's) I don't know who loves these more, me or my pre-schooler. I plan to make at least one more set - so we can make more words with these.

How to Make a Fabric Scrap Alphabet:
First,  I made a template using my computer.  You can download it here. I folded my fabric, so that I could cut each letter twice, by cutting out the letter one time. I cut one out of warm and natural batting to go between the fabric. One thing I would add next time, is that I would put a different fabric on the back of the letters that must face a certain direction. On the letters where the orientation does not matter, like "X" or "T", I would use the same fabric on both sides. This will help with learning correct letter orientation.
After cutting out, I simply sewed all the way around each letter, at about 1/4 inch. The edges I left raw. I trimmed them up and I was done!
There are some similar alphabets out there, some with magnets, some sewed a little different or with different fonts. Here are some links to other alphabets you can make-(you have to see just how cute these all are):
Happy Together Rag Letters - provides a tutorial
Purl Bee Fabric Magnet ABC's- tutorial plus a list of the fabrics they used
Prudent Baby DIY ABC magnets- different look using Purl Bee Tutorial (listed above)
Chez Beeper Plush Alphabet- plush abc's w/ magnets inside
Martha Stewart Felt ABC Pillow felt abc pillow with button on and off letters (I'm making some version of this one later)


Jaimie said...

This is really cute! I don't have a sewing machine or know how to sew, but that is one of my goals for 2010! I will bookmark this! My son would love to play with these!

The Activity Mom said...

Great job! Super cute!

Laurel said...

Once again, you are a creative smartie!! I think I might just actually have to make one of these!

Sheri@childmade.com said...

These are great and so simple! Thanks for sharing. I've posted a link.