Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quiet Book from a Place mat {the car page} + a few readers ideas

I've been spending time w/ family and trying to get organized this week. :) I'll have more fun posts shortly. and yes, I know this blog needs some attention in some areas- time permitting- I'll get to that too:)
In the meantime....Here is the car page from my quiet activity book made from place mats bought at Dollar Tree. Of course, it is the most popular page in our house. :)
The signs were cut out from printed fabrics I had on hand and attached to felt using Wonder Under. (love that stuff). They velcro on and off of the page. The gas station is made from a shoelace and felt.
The pocket holds the cars- sewn right on to the place mat, and closes up with a button.

Two pages left to finish for this book (each book is made with 3 place mats- making 6 pages.) Then I have another planned I'll have to tackle later. :)
I am so impressed with some of the great reader projects!
Here are just a few :

And my friend Erica, at Snippets of Wonderful, made these cute activity bags from the same place mats!

Isn't it amazing what you can make from a place mat?
 If you have created something from a place mat or from My Little Gems, I would love to see it! Leave me a comment or send me an email :) Thanks for reading!


Leslie said...

great ideas!!! who knew a place mat could be so much more?!!!

Katie said...

Hey there! You've probably already done something like this before, but I made a stationary holder a while back. I've also made them with pencil slots to be drawing/coloring packets for little ones. here's the link:)

Fowler family said...

What a great idea! Thanks for commenting on my quiet book blog. Of course you can link to me. I'd love to link to your quiet book placemats too. What a great idea!!!

Katie said...

Yes, you're totally welcome to use my pictures or to link up to me. Thanks!!! I really love your blog!