Friday, March 5, 2010

Where I Live

I took this photo yesterday. It was about 70 degrees. I always laugh when I see signs like this, because almost all of the time, there is no ice. There is no snow.  Maybe one day out of 365- actually 2 days in the past 4 years there was snow on the ground- and it melted within an hour.  But I'm from Utah. And although I miss snowboarding, and the fresh white snow for the holidays,  I don't miss driving in the snow at all. ☻

Sorry if you are in the midst of "Spring Snow" right now....enjoy it for what it is.

My kids have never built a snowman. My kids have only seen snow on the mountain tops. Maybe they'll just grow-up swimming and playing tennis and golf. Maybe someday we'll live where it rains most of the year.
So for now, I'll enjoy my brown desert and sunshine- even if it turns into over 100 degrees for most of the year-in a few months.

So if you live in a cold wet place right now, just remember Spring is around the corner- and guess what- you can go outside all summer long!! (We can't where I live...)

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Christina Joy said...

Ha! Wait. Where in AZ do you live? I'm from the metro, but goodness, I've never come across one of these! (See 'em all the time in KS now- not my favorite sign, for sure.) Are you up north or something?

Delia said...

That is a classic AZ picture! I am from there and now I live in Utah so this post was really fun for me to read. I dreamed of white Christmases as a child and I relish them now, but sometimes I still miss the spring like weather in December.

sharla@mylittlegems said...

Christina, No we live South- way south- Tucson area. I see these signs all the time here and it cracks me up. We have cooler weather than the PHX area but only by about 10 degrees. :) Thanks for leaving a comment!

rebecca said...

Hahaha, I love this:) Too funny! I totally hear what you are saying about driving in snow! So glad I haven't had to this year and that Keith doesn't have to be the only person on the icy roads at 5:00 in the morning:)

Young Family said...

That is so funny. The snow wasn't bad today since I didn't ahve to go out in it. But I can't wait for spring.

Woolverton Girl said...

I laugh at these signs, too! I live in Central Texas and we probably get about the same amount of snow and ice you do...almost none!! We did have one big snow day this year, just a week ago. It was so fun, but of course it didn't stick and there were no icy roads.