Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day & thanks

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and women out there.

I love being a mom.
Some days  I hate it too, but mostly I love it.
I did not become a mother until I was in my 30's.
Thank goodness for that I say! Lots of years, education,& experiences, to prepare me with this daunting  job of being a mother.
And yet I still feel inadequate in so many ways.
Each day I appreciate more and more my own mother, who raised 9 children, and the examples of   dedicated mothers everywhere.

Thank you.
Thank you for going before me and doing the hardest and most important job on earth.

And thank you- all the mothers and women who read this, who leave sweet and thoughtful comments, who share their own journeys through motherhood through the world of blogging. I read your stories, and I so appreciate your thoughts and inspiration.  You truly inspire me.
I hope you have a fabulous Mother's Day!

 Incredible Motherhood inspiration found here.
thanks Nie Nie for inspiring all of us.

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Elizabeth said...

I still feel inadequate myself. Sometimes on an hourly basis! Today was one of those days.

I also agree with your comment about appreciating your mom more now that you are a mom. I do too! The sad thing is I can no longer thank her in person. So if your mom is still around, thank her for me, okay?

Have a great Mother's Day!

Doty Family said...

Nie is amazing! And I've decided great minds think alike. We've had several posts where we have posted the same thing! Have a lovely mothers day!

The Learning Center said...

Beautiful post. Beautiful mother-son portrait.

I would say it is all by God's grace that I'm still here mothering for 17's been a tasking but wonderful journey.

The Barrow Bunch said...

You and your little D are beautiful. Happy Mother's day!

Lara said...

Happy Mother's Day, Sharla!

Anonymous said...