Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Little FYI: blogs, scams, and ads

This is a passing-along-of-information-post for avid bloggers :)

I receive many emails about all kinds of things concerning this blog. :) I really enjoy hearing from my readers! THANKS! I appreciate your comments, contact, and interest. ;)

Recently, I received an email wanting to know if I would like to place a text ad on my blog for a very nice and reasonable fee. Of course, it sounded great. With a little research, I soon learned that I was being "scammed". This ad, although about a real product, was not from the actual company. In order to pay me, they wanted my pay pal information sent over to them through email. I immediately saw a red flag and figured the entire thing out. :)
SO WATCH OUT if you have a blog, and are contacted about advertising...make sure it is an authentic source and advertiser :)

Second, there is a popular blog on my sidebar, that I am removing. (or have already) This blog contains very fun and useful information. I have enjoyed reading it in the past, and seeing it featured on many local (Utah) shows. But, for the past several visits to this blog, I have gotten a virus on my computer, every time I log on to the site. I believe it is probably from an advertiser, and the owners of the blog/website may not be aware at all that this is going on. I would like to contact them and let them know, but I don't want to log back onto it because of the virus. :) Fortunately, I have software installed, that warns me of this, and catches it right away.

So....in summary- I just wanted to warn you all, to watch out for this kind of stuff  . :) I have considered putting ads on here, but I'm not a fan of just any ads on a blog-as when I am reading I find it a little annoying myself...but you gotta do what ya gotta do! I have spent a ton of $$ on this little blog and never recovered a penny of it....so if in the future you do see ads, you will understand why:) {I prefer to call them sponsors- people who love what I do and I love what they do!}  I am all  for stay-at-home- moms who are earning a little on the side doing something they love-making jewerly, selling fabric, making cards, birthday party supplies, sewing items, etsy shops, photography,  teaching piano, pre-school, etc. -you get the idea. :)  I am one of those moms myself :)  That is the kind of ads I would love to support My Little Gems... ♥ ☺ ♥  Since this blog started out about things I love, I'd kind of like to keep it that way- so I'm all for products and companies I love too! -Did you hear that Target? Pottery Barn? Want to advertise? ha ha :)

If you are interested in very reasonable rates, and run a small business from your home, I would love to help you out and promote your business. I would also love to run a post or give-a-way for you....{free} ;) See contact tab on top :)

Thanks for reading!

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Tasha said...

Thank you for the heads up. I know I appreciate it. Sad about the one blog. I hope they find out soon!

Jane said...

I hope that you do well with the ads and your blog takes you in new fun rewarding directions! I really enjoy your ideas and believe that you should be compensated!

vanpeltium-4 said...

I think you are talking about How Does She?...I believe they fixed the problem (I'm their "friend" on FB) but I haven't gone back on...just in case