Sunday, May 23, 2010

Picking Paint Colors

Picking paint joy of it! I did a little research and here are a few links with good advice on this subject: shows you what your color could look like in your home. It also will show you color matches for your color from other paint companies. The problem is that it does not look the same on your computer screen at all. I would never buy paint online unless I was certain I wanted that color.

The Nester did a great post on choosing a paint color. Thank you! This is very helpful.
Another super-duper helpful post was from Our Suburban Cottage- on picking a paint color you will love.

I followed the advice from many websites- especially the ones linked above, and made my own larger samples. This cost a little bit of money, depending on how many samples you do-but totally worth it- so that you get a color you can live with! Did you know Pottery Barn will send you Benjamin Moore paint chips in a fan deck for $2? You can feel just like a designer on HGTV with your little fan deck of colors :) I know my colors above look kind of blah blah...but with the furniture, and other the end it will look good.
Plus, I'm not a fan of super dark painted walls. I need things light and bright on the walls.... :)

I found some Benjamin Moore colors I liked, and took them to Home Depo. They mixed samples of the exact colors using Behr paint. An 8 oz. can was 2.94. A poster board was 39 cents. I did 6 colors. I might need to do a few I'm still undecided about the color for the room above.

SO help me- What is your favorite color to paint your walls and why?

And I am taking any color here- as I have a whole house to paint. Oh yeah, I may or may not have mentioned we are moving here in short while. So "please excuse my blogging absence" that happens.  :)
Tote-baggers: I did get everything to do the tute, but now all I need is some time ;)


Ólöf said...

I like the top one. But I´m also more of a olive or berry color chooser myself.

Adrian said...

I like the bottom left one. I think the one on top is too light. I like the tones of the left more than the right. I think it's more your style. (and mine. Since my house is almost the exact same shade!)

Let me know if you need other paint help! I LOVE (and agonize over)paint!!

Cami said...

Oh man. Wall colors. The yellow we finally chose for our walls after serious amounts of trial and error was Honey Butter from Behr. I don't remember the blue we used in the library and bedroom, but it is lovely and is kind of a wedgewood. BUT, I kind of hate tan walls. However, sometimes they are necessary. My entire basement is a lightish tan. They are tricky. Too dark makes the house feel like a dungeoun, too light and it looks like cement. We used what Amber used in her basement (can't remember what it's called) but we like it. But I'm a yellow girl at heart. It always feels cheerful and is colorful and still neutral. I use yellow in the bulk of my house most times, but I use a lot of color throughout, so there you go. Tan is always safe.

Deenie said...

I love the bottom right one