Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Scratch That, Apology, and Postponing Plans

I don't know what I was thinking. Several things "in real life" have come up and I can't possibly do the whole "summer tote-bag tutorial sew-a-long" that I announced a few days ago in the timeline that I gave myself. Oh wait, I know what I was was something like, "this will be fun, I want to make my readers happy, several people have asked for the step by step and that will be fun to share, and this cute  fabric that I have here wants to be made into a tote!....and I totally didn't even think about  kids or my husband, etc. when I thought that.  My apologies. Please excuse the delay. I still have plans to do it. The fabric is sitting here- half way cut out.  Please understand that my "real life" and family has taken over, with doctors appointments and many other things, so I will get to the tote-bag when I can. (I have had plans to get to the store and get the rest of my supplies and that has still not happened.:( )  SO... I guess keep your eye out for some cute tote-bag fabric and know that the tutorial and sew-a-long steps will be coming soon!! (and if you really can't wait, google "tote-bag tutorial" because I'm certain there are some great ones already out there!) Thanks for reading, please come back.... and  thanks for your patience with my real life craziness :)

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2 comments: said...

I always love it when people clearly make family a priority! Way to go!

Texas Gal said...

Such an awesome blog -- no idea how you have time to do it all! Thanks for being so inspiring -- I have no doubt everyone will be here waiting and so happy to join you when life settles down! :) Hope things get less crazy soon ~ Adrienne