Monday, September 20, 2010

Bean Bags with Numbers + Bean Bag Songs

In the past, I have made several sets of bean bags. I have tried all kinds of stuff inside of them- including the bean bag fill stuff you can buy-which I did not really like btw. It was really messy to work with.  And in the end, I always come back to standard bean bags- with beans, rice, or lentils inside. Which is why I have made several sets- because after a while.... I just throw them out and make a new set. I guess I could unpick them and add new filling inside...but then again- new bean bags with new fabrics- is just more fun.  And they tend to get dirty and old after a ton of use. :) plus, what is a preschool without a set of number beanbags??

 And here is another bean bag photo.....because....I just like pretty fabrics and I really like pretty photos with pretty fabrics! Which is why the list of blogs I  love is like -several 100-maybe even 1000! Seriously people, you guys are all just too clever and too cute! I saw some bean bags out there in the cutie-patootie- blogland- with numbers- and I know I saw it several I finally made some last night. I am in a hurry sometimes- so I just made my numbers -free-handed them. If you want better looking numbers, I suggest making a template. :) I used my favorite Wonder Under to attach the numbers- cut from felt- and simply sewed up the sides-straight stitched plus a zig-zag stitch. I left an opening for filling them up, and then sewed the hole closed.

And since I have been on the hunt for good bean bag songs on CD- here are a few CD's that I love and have some cute ones!

Greg and Steve Kids in Action has a great bean bag song

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rebecca said...

Perfect!! Thanks for posting this! It's just what I was going to look for this week:)

Tasha said...

Super dupper awesome. Love.

Kara said...

Your bean bags are gorgeous! And I love that bean bag cd- I used to use the record of that years ago when I taught preschool during college- I'm thrilled to know it's available on cd!

Alison said...

I had no idea that there were bean bag songs!! How exciting!!