Thursday, September 16, 2010

Disneyland Activity Countdown Calendar + { free download}

This fall we are taking our children to Disneyland for the first time. We have wanted to do this for years, and so we are excited that we are finally able to do it. So to add to the fun and excitement....I made a very simple Disney Countdown Calendar.

On the back of each number, I put a simple activity that we can do as a family.
You can download the activities I used by clicking on the link.

To make the calendar, I used the magnetic board that I already had in my kitchen area. I used Disney paint chip cards from Home Depot that we already had. I put a magnet on the back of each one. The magnet that says "Disneyland" is one I picked up at Disneyland years ago. I pulled out my stash of stickers and just randomly put numbers on each Mickey. I also added a few cards with Disney stickers I had on hand.

Most of the activities are very simple, using things I found at the store to eat; things I had around the house- like Disney music, games, books, movies, or puppets; and  things I plan to make- like a Mickey version of "Don't Eat Pete".
I liked the idea of adding an activity to each day- not that we need anymore HYPE about going to Disneyland...or maybe- we do! Regardless, countdown calendars are always fun-especially for my kids. ☺

Here is another super cute one from Crafting Chicks you can print out.


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darcymae said...

this is the CUTEST disney countdown i have ever seen!! i was all set to make the one from Crafting Chicks but then saw the comment you left on Someday Crafts saying you'd just made one so i decided to check it out. and i'm SO glad i did!! we are leaving for disneyland in 16 days and my kids will have SO much fun doing these activities to get them even MORE excited about our trip than they already are!! thanks!

darcymae said...

i do have one question...i noticed if another post about disneyland that you used RideMax. I hadnt heard about this until yesterday and have no idea what it entails. i understand that it tells you which rides have the shortesst wait time at certain times of the day but doesnt that just leave you running all over the park and spending lots of time walking? we usually go to one of the "lands" and do all of the rides in that area and then move on. and what about california adventure? is that a separate thing or do you go from one park to another too? and is it worth the $15? i'd appreciate any info you can give me. thanks!

mylittlegems said...

Thanks for the nice comments.
Ridemax was totally worth the $15. Sometimes in one land one ride will be really long and the others in the same land will be shorter. For example. almost always we started in Fantasyland, and it gave us the order/time to do the rides. You can do one for CA Adventure too. I made a few different plans for the same day, using Ridemax and brought them w/ me each day. It totally saved us time! We went right during a peak week, and we went on almost everything and never waited more than 30 min. Most of the time we waited 5-20 min.! It totally works and is worth $15. I will use it again! Hope that helps! Have a fun trip!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Your countdown is adorable! I just made a countdown for our trip to Disney World using those same paint chips:) Last time I made a ton of little Mickey's myself, and the paint chips were so much easier! I love that you added activities to the back of each day smart!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

Oh ny goodness, how cute! It not only has the fun of a countdown but the days have treats!! Genius!!!