Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Changing My Sofas With Slipcovers

Despite all that has been going on in my real is time to post some stuff. ☻
After reading about making your own sofa slipcovers, I decided I was going to take that route.
Dear Genevieve actually convinced me that sofa slipcovers were the way to go. With all we want to do to our house, buying new sofas is not an option. :)

Plus you can wash the slipcovers if they get dirty- bonus! Perfect- when you have kids who think they have to touch everything with their sticky fingers.
WELL...leave it to TARGET for finding another amazing bargin!! I can't even begin to list the Target clearance bargins I find!
 I saw these slipcovers several times, while they were being marked down from $60something, to $40 something. I wasn't sure if they would fit our sofas. Plus, I really wanted white, not cream. But for $22.48- are you kidding? It is totally worth a try- especially after calculating that the fabric would cost me about $100, not to mention the time it would take to make them. I had to go to 2 Targets to get 2 of these- but again- worth it!

And here is how they look now:

It is a work in progress. One is ironed, and one isn't. They look 100% better ironed!
This room was just a boring box....and I am slowly working on making it look a little more custom-on a tight budget of course! So many things in here I want to tweak, replace, and change.Genevieve might not like my furniture arrangement...but still working with that.  It also holds a keyboard/piano, and a treadmill- one big multipurpose room.
What do think? Should I stick with the cream? I think it really brightens the room. It was seeming a bit heavy and dark. More changes to come. I must be in "nesting" mode, because I am re-doing everything in the house...little by little. A fun crazy process- that I love!
Thanks for reading.
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Leslie said...

love these slipcovers....they make such a difference

Erica said...
love it!!!

Niki said...

I really like the cream. I think white might have been a little too stark, and the cream softens everything with the strength of the black and red...also I think cream is a better accent to tan, which it seems you have on the walls. I really like it!! I think it makes your pillows pop more, too. Love the fabric you added to the bottom of the curtains, very cool! Are you going to paint the TV stand black?