Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Party Activities for Kids

Here are a few of the things we did this week from preschool for Easter and Spring.

 In the past, we have used Easter Eggs to match lower and upper case letters. This year, I had them find a letter from a bowl of letters (tiles found at a discount store years ago) and put them in the egg that matched. They also practiced ABC order, but putting the eggs in the carton in ABC order.

                              Super simple- chalkboards w/ Easter Egg Chalk to practice writing
Spring Sorting using tweezers and muffin tins- I buy these little erasers all the time at the dollar store, and use them for sorting tubs, etc. Every season there are different ones that match the holidays. The kids love them. They don't know these are erasers :)

Spring grass, flower, and rain painting- What kid doesn't like to paint?
We also made rain in a jar this week- to go with Spring weather. {Even if our weather is pretty much the same every day here- hot and sunny, repeat, repeat, repeat... :) }

The Enormous Carrot is a really fun story to read around Easter.  After reading we made our own Enormous Carrots. We also used the wooden carrots to practice basic subtraction, with a song from Charlotte Diamond, called 10 Crunchy Carrots.

Edible Birdie Nest Treats are always fun and the kids love to eat them.

Thank you Target- for providing the cutest little Easter favors for our party. I filled these cute bunny baskets with a pencil, a plastic egg w/ candy, a bunny notepad, and a few other small items.

 We decorated Easter egg shapes with markers and Easter stickers- another thing that kids just {love}-stickers!
 Here are the cute bunny baskets we made from a recycled milk jug. We used them to collect small candies that someone {maybe the Easter Bunny?} hid all over the classroom!
Hello super simple cupcake decorating! :) I have decided that kids don't need a lot of extras- they are just happy with a cupcake with frosting. I gave them a few jelly beans to put on top. HERE are other simple Easter Cupcake Ideas. I know there are really cute Easter Cupcake ideas out there- but these are super simple and the kids are just as happy as if I slaved for hours to make something fancy... :)

We ran out of time...{as usual I over plan things...} but we may have attempted my Don't Eat the Peep game. We played "Bunny Bunny where's your tail" a silly simple game I made up where you hide the bunny tail (a yarn ball)  - that of course they loved. Ya gotta love kids! 
That is my super simple Easter Week and Party for preschoolers.
 What fun things are you doing for Easter?
I'd love to hear!
Happy Easter!

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Amber Omer said...

Hey! I know you! I was just looking for some fun easter games and I clicked on a link that brought me here! You are so creative and fun! I love all of your ideas!
Hope you are doing well!