Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kids Crafts: Bunny Basket from a Milk Jug

This is one of the things we are doing in preschool today. I seriously need a whole month for Easter  and Spring crafts! There are so many fun and cute ones out there.  You can find lots of ways to recycle a milk jug on the internet. Here is my version of a Bunny Basket from a milk jug.

I used a razor blade to cut off the top of the milk jug. Then where the nose was going to go, I cut two slits on either side. I twisted the three pipe cleaners together in the middle, and threaded them through the slit, to make whiskers.
From your paper scraps, cut ear shapes (use cardstock so they stay up) and eye shapes. This milk jug had 1/2 circle shapes left on it, after I cut it off- which was a perfect place to put the eyes.
Next glue on the pieces. I used Elmer's glue. The cotton ball tail and fuzzy ball nose could use a staple, or some strong tape. The ears work best with a stapler.

I think the kids are going to love making this! I have a fun game to go with it- "catch the bunny tail" using a white yarn ball. It should be fun!

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AmAzOn said...

SO CUTE!! THANKS for sharing!!