Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fabric Covered Easter Baskets {tutorial}

This post should be titled- "How to glue fabric to a tin bucket using a glue gun to make a cute basket."
I wanted to make the beloved Easter Baskets this year. And so I did. My 3 year old even helped me make his. {And He was very excited about it!}

We are using these for Easter Baskets this year, and in case you are still in need of a cute Easter Basket, here is the tutorial.  {Time to make each one: 30 minutes-1 hour; Cost for each one: $2.50-$4-depending on what you have on hand-mine cost only 2.50 each- since I already had everything:) }

I found the tin planter baskets at Target in the dollar section for $2.50. I had my husband drill holes in each side so I could add handles.

Next, I cut 4-5 fabrics into 2-2 1/2 inch strips. I cut the full length of the fabric- about 44-45 inches, and had a few inches left over with each strip of fabric when I was done. Decide which fabric you want for the handle. You will need two strips, about 2 inches wide, and about 45 inches long for the handle.

With your handle pieces, fold in 1/2 so the right sides are facing out, and stitch a zigzag stitch along the edge. You could sew both of these strips together first, but you really  don't need to.

Next, cut your wire about 23 inches in length- depending on how long you want your handle to be. I cut mine longer than needed, and trimmed of the excess when I was done attaching the handle. I don't know what kind of wire I used, since I already had it. It was bendable, and not too heavy or thick. Thread the wire through both fabric strips scrunching it up as you go. It helps to attach the wire to something on one end, while doing this so it doesn't come off.

When the fabric is on the wire, attach the handle to the container, by bending and twisting the wire shut. Flatten the wire as much as possible so that the sharp end does not stick out.

Using your hot glue gun, cover the sharp wire end with hot glue. Pull the fabric from the handle over the top of this and press closed.
Now you are ready to glue the fabric around the container.
Get your fabric ready and in order.
 Glue fabrics on so they overlap one another.
Fold the raw edges under with each strip.
Trim thread and clean up those crazy glue webs from the glue gun.
Add chipboard lettering on the front side.
And you are finished! My three- year old helped me- and picked his own fabrics.  He really wanted the "orange one with leaves..." :) He mostly just watched me cut and glue everything, but he felt like he was part of the entire process and was very pleased with his work!
{If you have girls, you could totally add some flowers to this project)
I think we will reuse these baskets for carrying stuff from downstairs to back upstairs where it belongs.
These will be perfect for all those legos and cars that somehow find themselves all over the floor!
Hopefully, that darn Easter Bunny will fill these things up with treats and goodies!

Happy Easter!
Thanks for reading!

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