Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My First Doll Quilt {or how to make a quilt without a pattern}

I know you mostly find "boy stuff" here, but I thought I would branch out  and try making something girly. {gasp!!-what on earth shall I make? and how?}

So I made a doll quilt.

And since we have no dolls in this house, it needed a home. And my cute and adorable niece, was able to give it just that.

Isn't she a cutie?

Making a doll quilt is a great way to learn how to quilt. You don't really need a pattern--well I didn't use one.
You need 2 pieces of fabric the same size- just the right size for a doll, and some batting. I used warm-n-natural- my favorite batting.
Next, you just take your stash of scraps, and cut them into squares, and pin them on - through all layers.

I did not measure for this- it is a doll quilt- it does not need to be perfect.
Pin on each piece. Next you will sew around each piece, 1/4 of an inch from the edge. Remember, you are sewing through all layers of the quilt.
When that is done, snip the edges of each square you have sewn, to creative a rag edge.
Bind it.
Throw it in the wash so the edges of the squares get the rag look.
You can find a great tutorial here. In fact- that little doll quilt is amazing!
Sometimes when it comes to sewing, I just sort of wing-it. Yep, that is what I did. And sometimes it works out, and other times, it is a piece of crap and I have to start again. This time, it worked. {yay!}

And I'm so happy this little cutie loves it!
To me, that is success, whether it is perfect or not.

Happy Sewing!
{can't wait to show you what else I'm working on....}

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Jo-Anne said...

That turned out really cute! Your little niece looks like she loves it. :)

I don't think there is anything wrong with having a doll with a blankey around for your boys to play with. Some of my preschool boys (that only have brothers) love playing with the babies. They are so sweet and tender with them.

Tasha from Creation Corner said...

So adorable! It looks like your neice is loving it :) I love making girly things for my neices

Jennifer Rodriguez said...

It is adorable!! What a fun way to use up some yummy scraps to sweet to part with.
Love it and love how happy it made your niece :o)