Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Activities & Books for Transportation Activities {for preschoolers & young children}

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In March, we had a fun week learning about transportation in preschool. Here are some of the fun things we did.
Above: We made a school bus from the top of an egg carton. I painted these yellow before hand. For the wheels, we used cardboard spools from ribbon that I had saved. We attached these with pipe cleaners. We used photos and pictures from magazines for the people on the bus.

We made a stop sign using watered down red tempra paint. I had written STOP with a white crayon on an octogon beforehand. The kids loved seeing the word appear as they were painting. We used cut up sponges for painting this.

What week on transportation would be complete without a red, yellow, and green traffic light?

My son loved the above activities so much, he set up  his own little road and drove his bus for the rest of the day through the traffic light. :)

Cardboard roads we reused for center time- this was really fun!

Alison from Oopsey Daisy made these cute flash cards- we played memory and used them for our math time also.

This was probably my favorite- license plate rubbings. We used crayons we had made earlier by melting old crayons in muffin tins to do this. It worked really well for rubbing and the kids did this on their own. They loved it and so did I! Lucky for me- I have a huge collection of license plates on hand!

We also made our own cars using cardboard boxes, twine, construction paper cut into shapes, and paper plates. I made them their own driver's license before hand-with their picture- can't drive a car without one! (I made these into a necklace so they could drive with both hands.:))
And here are some of the fun books we read: {there are so many- these are just a few fav's}

I loved transportation week! What can I say...with a house full of boys, I have a thing for cars, and anything with wheels. :)
Have fun!

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http://livingatthewhiteheadszoo.blogspot.com/ said...

~new follower~ I love your egg carton school bus and cardboard town it turned out gREAt. I can't wait to try and make this for my guy. I recently saved a box and cut out a road it looked horrible maybe this will work better for me.
Thanks for sharing!