Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Room Make-over: Craft Room/Multi-Purpose Room {part 3}

 I finished up this room. yay! The craft room/office/multipurpose room!
Well it is not completely finished, it still needs some paint on the walls, etc. BUT it is a lot closer!

Here are some of the many BEFORE looks:
{This one is the most recent}
And before this mess, was this:

This was a lot better than what you will see next, but there just wasn't enough storage for all the crap/craft stuff.

I was using this yellow dresser {which I love} and it just wasn't making the cut. The dresser is now my new changing table and  it is working really well. I actually sold the other changing table-which was your standard changer, with drawers and shelves. This one is cuter. :)
And because the yellow dresser wasn't making the cut... I was dealing with this- which made it hard to do anything:

So obviously, I needed some order and organization if I was going to ever sew anything again!
And would you believe I have at least a bin of fabric and a bin of paper crafting/scrapbook stuff....for a yard sale we are planning soon. Can we say -  too much craft crap  stuff! Seriously...too much!

As part of revamping this room into something usable, here are a few little things:
IKEA cork boards covered in fabric:
                                                  My first attempt at recovering a lamp shade:
The wall you see when you enter- fabric covered canvas squares, Target dollar section bins to hold some junk, and other stuff I can't part with yet...

And finally the big AFTER:

Of course, it will look a lot better, with some paint on the walls. I'm sure it will never be done, as I can think of a ton of things I would do to improve the space, but it is so much better! Let's hope we can keep it semi-clean....

Thanks for reading! oxoxo

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