Friday, May 13, 2011

DIY Decorating: Adding Fabric to Bookshelves

If you read this blog regularly, you know I am obsessed with fabric. It is not a good thing to be obsessed with, because it cost a lot of money. SO... I am asking for your thoughts and ideas on this one! 
I am a do-it-yourself- person- most of the time and I don't like to spend a lot of money- O.K.- with the exception of fabric. ☺☺☺
So here are my bookshelves before- as seen above. I think it has too much stuff on it, and I don't like the plain walls in the back. . We had very limited space for shelving in this room- due to the fact that my big-fat-treadmill has to sit in the corner where you would usually put the shelving/TV unit. These were found at IKEA for a very affordable price. {Love that darn IKEA!} Sorry for the bad photo- it was taken months ago.

HERE is the bookshelves with some chevron fabric behind them. It wasn't the plan to use this fabric for this, but when I put it up, I kind of liked it. And as I left it there, I started to really like it. 
My husband suggested maybe it should have a larger print or something- he was fine with it-but just not on board 100% with it- but then again- I just have to tell him to trust me and I'll make it all work. ☺
SO after I got my cream couch covers, this fabric -being white and black was really bugging me-white,cream,white, cream.... So I found some similar stuff but with cream instead of white-as seen below: 
It is a slightly larger chevron print, with cream instead of white. I like it lots better. 
So what do you think? I am pretty indecisive at this time in my pregnancy- and it is probably not the best time to redecorate everything- but that is what I am doing anyway- darn nesting hormones. I'll show you the whole room later- it looks better w/ everything else- I think.

I'm also changing up the throw pillows- another thing I love - throw pillows. The husband doesn't like them at all- but I love them- so I win. {ha ha}
Here is the before: (minus the Valentine's Day decoration)
AND here is the what I'm thinking of doing or something like this- but obviously I might spread those out over 2 you can sit on the sofa! (Those are not finished- just fabric wrapped around pillows- as I am deciding which fabrics to use....)

I know the white and light and bright colors are really in...but I love a little red, and color-at least in some areas of the house. {The white/bright/light thing is going is some other rooms...}
Send me your thoughts, please pretty please. I will still love you even if you hate everything I have done here and think a circus exploded in my house. With brown walls and brown carpet, I really did not want brown everything else....boring brown. ☺☺
Thanks for being a nice reader and reading this lengthy post!
More decorating posts to it, even if it never ends and I'm always changing it up. ☺

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Jane said...

Here is a thought. I just dyed some fabric with RIT dye. Super affordable and remarkably even and true to the color on the box. Maybe you could dye the existing fabric cream and save a $? Just a thought.

Sandra Nixon said...

Hi! ARe you counting down the days till your baby? I know i am, i think i am at like 45? ugh. I still check your blog and love everything you do...all the time. You have a great sense of style! and i don't know how you still do projects when you are prego...all my craftiness just comes to a screeching halt. Someday:)