Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easy Peasy Fabric Flowers {turn them into magnets or something else}

 Do I dare join in on the biggest fabric flower trend ever? Well I did-in my own way. I might even make a wreath using fabric flowers. {gasp!! everyone is doing it...} For preschool, we made our moms a cute fabric flower pin. At least I thought they were cute! I also made some into magnets (shown above) which I like even better. There are so many things you can do with fabric flowers besides put them in your hair...(which most of the time I am not going to do because I am OLD....ha ha- but occasionally I give in and wear one.)
Below are the ones the preschoolers made for their moms last week. I gave them 4 circles that were 4 different sizes, and they had to put them in order from largest to smallest. Then I hot glued them. They picked out their own button. I already had pins glued on little pieces of felt for the back.
 IF you want to make the magnets, which is my favorite, I used a small wooden square from the craft store- you can buy bags of wooden cut out shapes for a few dollars- get the lightest ones you can- and then hot glue a round button magnet to the back. These can also be purchased at the craft store, or at Walmart in the craft section. Everything is hot glued together.

What else can you do with fabric flowers like these?
These truly are easy peasy. There are so many great fabric flowers out  there- I can't even begin to list them! If you have a good one -on your blog or a blog you have found- please list and share!
THIS POST on Tatertots and Jello had lots of good ideas for fabric and paper flowers! Jen always finds the best ideas out there in the ever so huge and amazingly creative world of blogs!

Have fun!
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Jennifer said...

Cute, cute! Love the colors.