Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DIY Lego Table {from an old Coffee or End Table}

For my son's birthday, I decided he needed a Lego table. I was pretty sick of stepping on those dang Legos. After doing a little research, it turned out that most Lego tables, were around $100. No thanks. So we made one instead for about 1/2 of that.
Here is what we did:
We found the perfect table for $20 at our local thrift store. While this was more than I wanted to pay- I only wanted to pay like $5- this was the perfect table, that hardly needed any work. It had a set in glass top, and an edge around the top; it had solid wood legs- just what we wanted to add wheels to the bottom. It was also solid wood, not like the cheap-o Lego tables you buy- this was much sturdier.
SAND, PRIME, PAINT-we sanded it down and removed the criss-cross stuff and glass from the top.
We primed it wish spray primer- Krylon brand. Next we spray-painted it also with Krylon paint. We used 2 cans primer and 2 cans paint- total $12.
ADD LEGO PLATE TOP- I purchased 4 Lego plates- that were 10 by 10 inches each. These were about $5 each. ($20 total). My husband used Gorilla Glue to attach them- lining up the little Lego dots- which is very important- so your child can attach their Legos anywhere on the the table top. It is also important to use something heavy- and apply even pressure to the top while the glue is drying.
ADD WHEELS-My husband wanted it to have wheels so it could easily be moved around. The 4 wheels were a total of $6. He also purchased a few screws to attach them.

That is it! It was really rather easy, and quick! It cost us $58. I'm sure you could find a cheaper coffee table- or use one you already have and save more money.  Since we have almost 4 boys, I'm sure we'll be using this for years to come- as long as they can share! {We don't have room for 4 separate Lego tables- ha ha.}
And although there are LESS Legos on the floor, for some reason- some still end up on the floor.... now to get the right containers to store the things in..... right now we are using plastic bins w/ lids- that never get put on...
thanks for reading! oxoxo
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Jennifer said...

Such a creative idea! Thanks for the post.

Erin said...

Hey Sharla! Thanks for your super kind comment on my blog! This table is definitely better than the $100 kind (that are probably made out of plastic, besides). Great idea to put it on wheels so your son can build wherever he wants. :)

Niki said...

Super cool idea!!! And, yes, I am sure with four boys, you will get your $58.00 dollars worth in NO time!! I really like it a lot and I think it came out great!!! Do you use krylon for all your furniture makeovers?

Losing 100 said...

Thats a great idea! You go girl!
A freind of ours has given us one of those big wooden coffee tables with the drawer in it. I plan on making that into a lego table too.

x said...

I just found your blog today...your ideas are wonderful...I have been looking for a Lego table, but the ones I have seen were expensive and very cheaply made...so I think I might make this my first craft project!..I can't wait!...one question...did you glue the Lego boards on a piece of wood and then insert it into the table?..I can't figure out how the glued boards would stay sturdy in the middle without some support underneath??...THANKS!!!

mylittlegems said...

Hey "X"
We used the actual board that came w/ the table. It was pretty thick and fit perfectly. We glued the plates on using Gorilla Glue, and following the directions on the Gorilla Glue. We also weighted the plates down evenly and lined up the lego dots- so the kids could connect the legos anywhere on the board. Good luck- I can't wait to hear how it turns out!

Kimberly said...

That is genius! I wish my boys had room for one in their room, I'd make it in a heartbeat.

Jill@Barnes Yard said...

I can't wait to make this for my kids! Congrats on the new baby!