Friday, July 22, 2011

My Favorite New Baby Must-Have Items

I just had my fourth boy. One might think, that by 4 kids, all boys, you have things figured out. Well, I'm here to say that having a baby, no matter how many you have had, is hard! It is wonderful but such a challenge! It has been over a week, and I can still hardly walk after my c-section. SO I thought I would share some of the wonderful products that make having a newborn so much easier! These are just a few of my favorites. I am not getting paid in any way to share these products with you. These products are things I have actually purchased, that I love.

I have tried several swaddling blankets, and this one is by far the best one out there! It really works. Most swaddling blankets, a baby can squirm their way out of, but not this one. When I first discovered this, with my 3rd child, he started sleeping 6 hours at night when I started using it! And I felt like a new mommy! I love this!

Cute Diaper Bags- Before I had kids, I had a ton of purses. O.K. so I still love purses, but I also love diaper bags!  They come at every price range these days- so here are some at the middle, high, and low end-all functional and cute.
 Middle price range: This cute diaper bag is from the Baby Star Collection. It retails at $60 but I got it for around $20-plus $5 shipping, and I don't recall where I found the deal. It is a very nice bag- with pockets on the inside, plus a case for wipes. It is a very nice diaper bag. (I do think it could be a little more functional. I really like when a diaper bag has a pocket on the outside- for a water bottle, a baby bottle, or keys and this one does not have that- but does have inside pockets.)

High price range: I also purchased this one. It is from the Oioi Collection. I got it off of Babysteals,so I did not pay retail for it- don't think I could pay retail for it$160.. However, the one I got from Babysteals, does not have the outer zipper pocket as pictured. It does have inside pockets, a changing pad, a wipes case, and outside pockets too. It has many other features and is very roomy. I love this bag, and can see myself using it long after I no longer need a diaper bag.

Low Price Range: Sam Moon has really cute diaper bags and purses. They also have the best prices. The one above retails at $14.95 It doesn't have many pockets inside, but it has the outside pockets, and back pockets. It also zips under the flap. It includes a changing pad. This is a really good deal for the money. They also have many colors and styles to chose from.

  Of course a good nursing cover is a must have! I can't believe I survived before this invention. There are some other styles out there, but this one was practically free- and I have several from this company-
Udder Covers. I have tried some other ones out there, and they do not hold their shape as well as the ones from Udder Covers.
This is my new favorite Baby Sling/carrier. Once again, I have tried many different styles. I love this one from Seven Slings. It is lightweight, and can be used for a newborn- to a two year old. I love that I can fold it up and put it in my diaper bag, and that it is not a big production to put it on.
I don't know what I would do without a BOPPY.This has proven to be my favorite- I can't even nurse without it. I acutally finally made my own Boppy cover for one of my Boppy pillows. I own two and will probably buy a third one. I love my Boppy!

There are so many other products I love and could not live without when it comes to having a baby. These are just a few of the many that I love.

I would love to hear what baby products you love and  have to have!

Thanks for reading! oxoxo

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Jennifer said...

I ditto you on the boppy and nursing covers. They're the best ever! But I also have to say I just love big, stretchy cotton blankets and just can't seem to get enough to wrap baby in. Plus you can find so many cute ones, it's my favorite staple :)

Tricia Jones said...

I'm glad to hear that you like your udder cover and baby sling. I recently ordered both on a promotion, but didn't know how they actually held up with use. It makes me more excited to try them out.

Henckel House said...

Bumbo, bumbo, bumbo!!!!!! I just can't say it enough! I know your little one has a few months before he is ready for it, but I think I started my now 5 month old in it around 3 months - maybe even 2. As soon as she could hold her head up for a few minutes at a time, I plopped her in (the beauty of the bumbo!) I love my boppy, but the bumbo is truly my favorite!

Amber Omer said...

Such good reminders! I've gotta get me a new diaper bag of awesomeness.

One of my can't-live-without items is Resinol...this cream does wonders on any rash or diaper area issues!