Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ikea Hack: Spice Rack turned Book Shelves

I love love love Ikea. Problem is I live like 100 miles away from it. Last year we wanted to get some shelves like this up in the preschool room. This year, we finally did!And I love it so much, I want it in every room in my house. (hee hee)  I saw this idea on Ikea Hackers using this spice rack shelf. I had a whole plan to build some just like this- but this was so much easier!
We decided that the shelf alone was not too great for holding books, since the books could slip out of the bottom, so we added a front piece-made from a yard stick:

 We bought some cheap yard sticks, and cut them down to fit the front of the shelf. I love it- it would look cute unpainted (but has some company's name on it- so we painted it...) It worked best to prime and then paint.
So if you live in Arizona, and want to make these too, well I need some more.... and live pretty far away from Ikea, so save me some- it might be a few months before I get there! hee hee... I love IKEA.
Thanks for reading! oxoxo
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Irum@dubaicraftermom said...

Love it really awesome... will definatly try this in my kids room.

very simple and looking cute.

Sims Family said...

I love the yard stick on the bottom! I just made some for my daughters room, great minds think alike.

Mrs. M said...

I love them! These would be perfect for our little community library!

Sarah AKA The Thriftress said...

I just pinned this project so I can save it for my son's room. The answer to the bulky bookshelf I have been looking for! Thanks!

Carlie and Trent & Co. said...

I saw this idea on Pinterest and went to Ikea to buy these and came home with everything but the spice racks. I hope to get there again soon. Thanks for sharing!

La-Dee-da crafter said...

Hi, niceto meet another craft blogger in Tucson. I love these book shelves and have been wanting to add some to my girls room.
Need to drive to Ikea...not easy for us!
We live in Sahuarita actually. We need to have a craft day!!!!