Sunday, September 4, 2011

Soda Pop Cake {or orange and banana cake}

 Finally, I am finding time to post Sweets on Sunday! yeehaw. I started a "lifestyle change." {}
But this is not anything new after having a baby. And I am still allowing myself occasional treats- just not as often and not as rich and not as much. And thanks to Hungry Girl, I always find something super duper easy to make. Hence...the Soda Pop Cake. This is fool-proof- as are most of my cake mix based recipes. :) I used one yellow cake mix, and one diet orange soda. It was surprisingly- very delicious.

Soda Pop Cake:
Combine one diet soda (12 oz can, any flavor)
with one cake mix (any flavor)
Bake according to the package directions. Make sure to spray your cake pan with non-stick cooking spray.
After baking, cool in pan before removing.

One 8 oz. container cool whip and one small package vanilla pudding mix- NOT sugar free - if you want gooey frosting.
You can use the sugar free pudding, and your frosting will be less sticky. I also used 2 bananas. You could use any fruit you have- that would go well with your cake. Since we used an orange soda, and a yellow cake, bananas worked well. I layered the cake, frosting, bananas, and then another layer of cake and frosting. (note- I cheated a little- with some refrigerator frosting- added to the pudding frosting to make it go a little further)

There wasn't much left after my boys enjoyed it. I will definitely be making soda pop cake again....
Have you made a soda pop cake? If so- what flavors have you found to work well?
Thanks for reading!
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Sharon said...

That looks awesome! AND I always have those ingredients on hand. What a great dessert idea . . . .

Sharon said...

What a great dessert idea!! AND I always have most of these ingredients on hand. YUM!

Bret and Britni said...

Mm sounds delish! Does it matter if it is instant pudding? Or does it need to be the cook and serve kind? Thanks for sharing! I'm excited to try.

mylittlegems said...

For the frosting, you have to use instant pudding. I have not tried it with the "cook-n-serve pudding" but I don't think it will work. :)
So make sure it is instant pudding for the frosting! good luck and happy baking

dramafication said...

A must try is Milk Chocolate cake mix (I use Betty Crocker) and 10 oz orange soda (I use diet). Tastes like a Terry's chocolate orange. My 4yo thought it up and wow did it turn out great.