Thursday, October 20, 2011

Square Pumpkins {Halloween Crafting}

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Seems like there are 1000 different ways you can make some kind of pumpkin craft to display these days.
I ditched these pumpkins, I made a few years ago, and replaced them with these.
We have a lot of scrap wood in our garage- mostly from projects or pieces found in dumpsters. Yes, that is right. We found lots of wood in dumpsters from new construction. My husband cut me some wood blocks. I had a few wood spools (you can buy at craft stores) and a big plastic one that no longer held thread.

 After painting these guys with some craft paint, I added some designs...and then was not so sure I was loving it... so bring on the sand paper! I left the back sides of these bad boys plain orange- so if the designs start to bug me, I can just flip them over.
 I thought they needed a little something- so I made little tassels out of the fabric scraps.
 Ta-Da! All done. Super easy and I'm sort of liking the end result. BEST PART: cost was ZERO. Yes, completely free project- using only stuff I already had on hand.
Happy Halloween!! I love Halloween!

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Jingle said...

I absolutely love these! What a great project!!!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute. I have some boards saved. I may have to go try make one.

Mean Mommy said...

So fun!