Friday, March 23, 2012

Best Baby Nose Sucker: Baby Comfy Nose (Fabulous Find Friday)

We have had a winter of non-stop sickness! It has not been fun. The nebulizer has been running all the time. So when my friend told me about this nose frida, I did a little research. I found something a little better-(in my opinion) BabyComfyNose. And guess what? On babysteals today you can get an awesome deal on 2 of them!

Here is how it works- it might look grose, but it is not- trust me. You put one end in the child's nose. In the middle part you put some tissue. This acts as a filter. Then you use the mouth piece to suck the snot out of your kid. It seriously works and NO- it does not go into your mouth- not even close.

We have some nice big bulb suckers- but this thing works so much better and my child did not even get mad when I stuck it in his nose. I think Baby Comfynose is so much better than the nose frida because you don't have to purchase expensive filters. You can just use regular Kleenex.

I wish I had discovered this product months ago! I'm sure we would have avoided a ton of trips to the doctor.
Check it out on babysteals today!

(I was not compensated for this post in anyway. All opinions are 100% mine.)
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