Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Few Favorite Cleaning Products

It is Spring Cleaning Season! I recently had a birthday, and my wonderful husband got me a housecleaning service for 3 hours! I think I'm gonna save that for when the house is super duper messy. In the meantime.... I have been doing a little cleaning...even though with 4 boys it might not look like it....but anyway- I thought I'd share a few favorite products with you.

Mrs. Meyer's All Purpose Cleaner
My friend recently introduced me to this. This is like aromatherapy and cleaning all in one. It smells so good, and has a lot less chemicals in it than some other cleaners. I really like this stuff. It is a little more expensive than most cleaners, but it sure makes cleaning a much more pleasant experience.

Clorox Pen
I used this to clean the grout recently. And it works pretty good. I only did it on a few places in the kitchen and the powder room/bathroom. But there was a definite difference! I do keep this on hand for hard to get out spots when doing laundry. I will be using this again. Thank you pinterest, for reminding me about this little wonder.

Lemi Shine (for the dishwasher)
We started using this product about a year ago when we noticed the hard water was leaving lots of spots on our dishes. Getting a water softener is not an option, so we use Lemi Shine. We love it. You only need a tiny bit, and you add it to your detergent. The dishes come out so much cleaner, and spot free!

My favorite all purpose cleaner! I add this to the prewash for every load in the laundry. It helps the detergent work better by breaking down some of the soap that would usually build up on your clothes. It also helps get out stains and mold or mildew. I notice my whites are whiter and my brights are brighter! And vinegar is very inexpensive- bonus!
Another thing it works well on is stainless steel appliances. Put some in a squirt bottle w/ water, and you have a great cleaner for wiping away finger prints on the fridge.

OxiClean This is another great cleaner for grout and laundry and everything else. I really like the spray for stains. I spray it on everything and get just about everything out!

I found tons of great cleaning tips while browsing pinterest....thank you pinners!

What are some of your favorite cleaning products? I would love to know!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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Molly said...

Your washer is probably pretty clean already if you use vinegar in your pre-wash, but I use a gallon ever few weeks to clean the inside. I run an extra large load with hot water, empty the gallon of vinegar and scrub the inside and out while it's filling.

I also like using Spray N' Wash on carpet stains!