Tuesday, April 17, 2012

FALSE PINS {as in pins I never should have pinned}

Have you tried something you found via pinterest? Well I have. Lots of things. Mostly recipes.
Here is the thing: Sometimes I repinned something, without checking out the source. And then I tried it. And it did not work at all. Turns out the "pin" was false- as in a real person did not try it, or the facts were not right. Here are a few examples. I have tried these pins and they were NOT as they were written and pictured online. Just another reason to remember- you can't believe everything you read online!

FALSE PIN NUMBER ONE: 2-Ingredient Cinnamon Apple Coffee Cake
The pin claimed that you use ANGEL FOOD CAKE MIX and a can of APPLE PIE FILLING.
Here is what it was suppose to look like:

Now I have baked enough to know from this picture that this was NOT angel food cake. Angel food cake is light and fluffy. This looks more like a yellow cake mix- and perhaps some peach cobbler. But I tried it anyway. And this is what I got:

This was spongy, airy, and not at all like the picture from the pin. It did NOT taste good at all either!
FALSE PIN! I even went to pinterest and started going back and back and back to see where the original source was. After about a 1/2 hour, I said forget it! This pin had NO LINK- and I wanted an actual link and source. It was "uploaded by a user" so you could not even verify if it was true or false. DON'T make this! It is not good. I left it on my recipe board with a ton of comments.... mostly that I made to myself- to remind myself how crappy this was.
INSTEAD - if you really want to try something new involving apple pie filling, try mini caramel apple pies, or caramel apple pie in the slow cooker, or crockpot apple pie. I'll share my super duper easy peach or apple cobbler with you later- as I just checked and have not shared that yet.


This picture was just too pretty to resist. So I pinned it. Then I checked out the source. Glamour magazine- and they did not even try it out- just repinned it from something online. The magazine person had simply made suggestions on what kind of yogurt to use and what to do. Here is the original photo:
It looks really yummy right? First of all, have you ever frozen strawberries? They are HARD AS ROCKS when frozen. You can't just bite into them- you'll rip out a tooth. And if you let them sit so you could bite into them, they get all soft and squishy.
Second of all- isn't that yogurt too perfect? It looks more like white chocolate or the yogurt they put on yogurt covered raisins from the store. --Which I'm sure they use a machine to do and make it look all perfect.
So I tried it. I got some good vanilla Greek yogurt and dipped my strawberries and frozen them.
Here is what it looked like:

 So NOW that I wasted time covering strawberries with yogurt and trying to freeze them, only to find that you could not eat them, and thinking to myself, "I could have told you that", I made a strawberry yogurt smoothie. You could also make a  strawberry grapefruit smoothie.

So maybe I can't follow recipes...but then maybe people out there are just posting stuff...to see what happens. Just sayin. Check out the source.
I have tried some good recipes -worthy of sharing with you- that I found via pinterest....

 I want to know, what have you tried on PINTEREST? And was it a true pin or a false pin?

Thanks for Reading!

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Melissa said...

I saw a pin for brownies made in a waffle iron and I thought that was a really cool idea. So I made a box of brownie mix and tried it out. It did not work at all! the waffle iron was way too hot so when i poured in the batter, it immediately started burning and got all hard and crispy. not editable.

Kimberly @ The Brown Eyes Have It said...

I did a post just like this recently on cupcake tips. I found some great ones and some not so good. Love Pinterest, but I'm deciding you have to take it with a grain of salt. :)

Maggie Muggins said...

I think it looks more like yogurt covered fresh strawberries, the way you would get yogurt covered raisins in a store. Here's a recipe for making your own yogurt raisins: http://www.livestrong.com/article/442345-how-to-make-yogurt-covered-raisins/
Maybe trying this with Strawberries would work?

honestnicewoman said...

I had the "two ingredient cake" on my board and found your post here after checking for a correct link to the photo "uploaded by user". Thank you for the information. I commented on the person who reposted from me {with your link} and said that I was deleting the photo from my board.