Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sew a Towel Dry from Simple Quilts and Sewing Magazine

 Have you picked up the latest issue of Simple Quilts and Sewing? If you haven't, run to your Walmart, or Barnes-n-Noble and get one quick! I found it full of great little sewing projects and ideas! Sometimes I need a fresh idea to use up scraps, and this was full of them! I made two of their projects one night. Here is the first one:

 This is called a "Towel Dry" and I love it! I don't know about you, but I have a lot of homemade aprons and table runners- that I love. But when it comes to doing the dishes, it is usually a mess, a pile, and a lot of non-absorbent towels on the counter. Enter the towel dry.
 I love this little invention. The pattern and instructions were in Simple Quilts and Sewing. There is also a pattern for matching kitchen towels. What I really love about this- is that I can leave it on the counter- it doesn't look messy- and it totally absorbs the water mess from the hand-washed dishes.

If you want some great inspiration for spring and summer sewing, pick up a copy of Simple Quilts and Sewing! I loved this issue- lots of great simple sewing projects!

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Sandy said...

I love this issue too! There are several things in there I want to make. I sure hope they do more of these kinds of issues, it is great for a beginner like me!

Becky said...

Need to get a hold of one of those magazines. I really like the Terry cloth backing on the dish mat.

Ann Marie said...

It turned out great! I love making things that are useful! Thanks for sharing!