Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Little Surgery Today

 My youngest little guy had a little surgery today. After about 6 months of non-stop ear infections, breathing issues, and other ailments, we took the plunge and got tubes put in both ears. I already have noticed a difference! He actually responds to every little noise, (he could not hear), and even has got a feel for his balance and equilibrium again (he has done the startle/fall reflex a few times today like he did as a newborn).

I have decided that surgery for your children...is all relative. For me, this was a very minor procedure. BUT that is only because we have had other major surgeries with other children. I am grateful for modern medicine! It has really blessed our lives, in many many ways.
Our little guy even got a little blanket, from Project Linus! I think I need to get involved with making quilts for kids in the hospital...it really is such a thoughtful gift.   All is well. Finally, he can hear!

Thanks for reading!

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Sandy said...

My little great-nephew just had tubes put in his ears and the difference in him is amazing! He talks so much better now and it really does seem like he is hearing for the first time! Glad your little one is doing well. :)

Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

So glad he's doing well! We've managed to avoid surgeries for our kids, but we've had some ER trips and they are so sad. Kids are amazing resilient, though!
I've had the same thoughts about Project Linus. My youngest was a NICU baby and his project linus blanket is still one of my favorites. I know there's a group involved with it in town (I found them on facebook), so I should probably just finish up some quilts and send them on.