Monday, April 30, 2012

Make a Balloon Celebration Wreath

 Last summer my church group made these fun wreaths. You can find full instructions on the awesome site Our Best Bites.  I was about to have a baby, so I never made one. Until today-when that cute baby took a 4 hour nap! Oh yes, it was nice. This wreath makes me so happy! It is so easy and fun to make, and I did it outside, on the patio, with a nice breeze...while listening to some music and it was just ...nice. So here are my little tips if you make one- and you should- cause it is really fun.
 Plain wreaths can be expensive. I scored mine at our local thrift store for 75 cents. Love it.
You need to keep the plastic on it- so the straw doesn't get all over. If you buy one in a craft store, ti will have plastic on it. Keep it on. I used plastic wrap and clear packing tape to cover mine.
 Using floral pins, fold one balloon around the center of it, and stick it in the wreath. My friend warned me my fingers would hurt- so I wore a rubber glove on the hand that was sticking the pin in the wreath. No hurt fingers!
 It took me about an hour and a half to finish-with lots of interruptions from children- and I still need a few more floral pins and balloons for some of the edges. Basically, it takes less than 2 hours- start to finish.
I love this fun wreath! It makes me happy! We have a ton of birthdays coming up, so this will be so fun to use!

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