Monday, June 4, 2012

Family Initial Wall {Letter Collage}

 This was a weekend project from a few weeks ago. Our once flat painted white staircase finally got painted the color we bought 2 years ago- Kilm Beige by Sherwin Williams. The staircase had become an art gallery for little boys-covered in marker, pencil, and everything else -at least on the bottom 2 feet of the wall. So we were excited to finally get some paint up- and more excited to get something hung up!

We have a huge staircase that curves around, and the middle wall rises at least 15 feet up. I wanted to put something there for impact but I also wanted some blank space-at least for now--I can't cover every surface up--because in a few months I may change my mind. I know that letters on the wall are all the rage right now-but I hope this trend sticks. I really like it.  My husband thought we should have letters going up the wall and around the sides-- all 15 feet. I assured him that would look like someone threw up letters all over the he should just trust me on this one and let me do it my way. When it comes to decorating...wife knows best. His job- the yard and most of the painting.

Here is how I did it:
For the past year or so, I have keep my eye out for letters that were from names in our family. I never spent more than $3 on a letter.  All the letters were from $1-$3 each. I did not care what color the letters were, because we spray painted almost all of them.
After they were painted, I arranged them on the table, and took a picture. Then I eliminated letters that I did not want in the collage. Once I started hanging the letters, I made more changes, but this was a great way to start.
I used COMMAND STRIPS to hang the letters. For some, I used the velcro picture hanging strips, and for others I just used the double stick ones- I don't plan on moving it anytime soon. I left a few spaces in case we add to our family later.

At first I thought it was too busy. But it has grown on me. Our staircase is split, so the initial wall is on the landing part of the staircase. The sides have black and white canvas prints of the kids I have had for a very long time.{I recommend COSTCO for those btw- they do the best, have the best prices, and you can return it if you don't like how it turns out.}

 So now when I go up the stairs I see this little family initial wall, that reminds me of my blessings- my sweet kids and wonderful husband. Not that the marker and crayons all over the wall before didn't remind me of my kids--- but you know what I mean- - this reminds me of them in a better way. ha ha.
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Keya said...

This looks really cool! I love the assortment of different styles of letters. Did you do first and middle initial or do you have that many kids?

Becky said...

That looks really fun! What a great idea! I'm going to share this one with my daughter--she will love it!

mylittlegems said...

Keya- We did first initial but it just so happens that those initials are also middle initials too. I think we just need one or two more letters to have everyone's initials. The letters repeat-so each person has more than one letter to represent their initial. :) thanks for your comment! Hope that helps.