Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Free Desk Makeover!

A little over a year ago, a friend gave me this free desk. I was so excited! I saw major potential! FINALLY...we got around to finishing it- or shall I say- my husband got around to refinishing it!

 Here is what it looked like before:
 I should mention that it was wobbly. It did not stand straight and sort of rocked back and forth. Well you can't use a desk that doesn't sit right. So my husband made some adjustments and added some pieces so it stood up nice and still like a desk should. It wasn't completely free. We had to buy primer and paint. We spend about $28 dollars on paint.

 My husband used part of one primer (in gray), after we sanded some of it. It had veneer on it that was split. He also had to glue some of the wood back together.
He then painted the white in flat lightly before putting on white in satin. We used Krylon spray paint. It look one of the flat, since it was put on lightly, and 2 of the satin for the entire desk.
To finish, he used 2 cans of Krylon Clear indoor/outdoor spray paint in satin. He put it on heavily on top and lighter on the sides. He said in the future he would use Minwax Polyurethane Spray instead because the desk top is so wide and that would have been easier to use.
The handles were done with brushed nickel spray paint which we already had on hand.

I love love love my desk! Of course I love my husband even more for completing it for me! For now it serves as a nightstand table.  I found the little yellow ottoman on clearance at Target for about $20. It works perfectly since a chair would have been way too much next to the bed.  Several months ago I redid- yet again- our master bedroom-well the bedding- on a dime- and I love the addition of this desk! I'll show you the Master later if you are interested... I have changed it a lot and probably will change it again- but hopefully not too soon.

Thanks for letting me share! I just love a free furniture make over!
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