Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do you "Project Life" ?

Are you a Project Lifer? If you have not heard of Project Life, I will explain. Years ago, when I had one child and before, I was a big scrapbooker. I spent hours creating the perfectly beautiful layouts to showcase my son's photos. I have several large binders full of great keepsakes. But only for my first child. After that, I have about 1 page per child. I just did not have the time or desire to spend so much time scrapbooking. I turned to the digital- and have several books I have made through Snapfish and Shutterfly

Enter Project Life. I was recently introduced to Project Life. Project Life is a whole new way to scrapbook/journal/preserve family memories. It is fast. It is easy. It is fun to look at. It is NOT time consuming. You can get a lot done in a short amount of time. This is perfect for me, since I love preserving family memories, but don't want to spend hours doing so.
You can find more information and tutorials on Jessica Sprague and on Becky Higgins. These two ladies are the smarty pants behind Project Life.
I downloaded a template from Jessica Sprague, and created several pages using photoshop. Then I printed them out at Costco. I already had an empty 12 by 12 binder and plastic pages. So easy and my kids are already excited to look at all the fun pages! I can easily do a page a week- within 10-20 minutes.

Do you do Project Life? Let me know- I'd love to see your ideas and hear your thoughts!

Check out my Project Life board on Pinterest- for other inspiration from the blogosphere.
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Jennifer said...

I had heard of it and decided not to go that route. Then I had even more kids and wanted to do it, but their product has been sold out since the beginning of the year. I anxiously await the end of the month when it is supposed to come out! Way to keep up on it and have so many pages completed, Sharla! I hope to get going on it soon :)

mylittlegems said...

Jennifer- I want to try the hands on approach too but noticed all the materials were sold out. Going digital is so easy and quick! I am glad I started this way! It is easy to learn and so fast- I am thinking I'll do a combination of the two- but it is hard to beat digital- as it saves money, time, and space- and energy- at least for me! I hope everything is well for you! sharla