Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crafting with Kids: Printed Tape Pictures

Have you seen the new Kid Made Modern Art Supply line from Target? They have a lot of fun creative things for kids. We bought the Printed Tapes and the Solid Tapes. You get quite a lot of tape for 6.99 considering the price of washi tape. This tape is fun, bright, and perfect for kids! After seeing this on  the Chocolate Muffin Tree Blog, we had to get some. And we really had some fun making our first "tape pictures".

 First I made one for them- while they watched- so they would know what to do. I had to help the little ones with ripping off a piece of tape-mostly because there would be less waste that way. :)
 I also had them draw with pencils first- sort of like an outline of what they wanted to do. Some of them did not really get that, and that was O.K. This kid got it- and look what he made: He used crayons and stuff while making his picture with tape.
 Don't be jealous cause I'm such an artist and make such good tape cactus and stuff.....ha ha.

This was really fun! We have so much tape left, we could do this many many times. If you haven't seen the Kid Made Modern line at Target- check it out- --as always Target does it again! I think I could live there.

Happy Summer!
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Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

Sharla- this is a fantastic idea!!! When are you coming to phoenix next? We need to organize a blog get-together!!!