Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crafting with Kids: Washi Tape Firecracker Rockets

This was a fun craft - my kids loved it! I'm sure you have seen the cardboard tubes turned into firecrackers or rockets. I saw something similiar a few years ago and thought it was cute. We used our washi tape to decorate them along with blue painter's tape and silver tape from the dollar store.

First we painted the cardboard tubes. Some were painted two colors, but most were painted one color.
When that was dry, we added our tape to decorate them.
We made different designs using the tape. I applied the tape, and my kids picked which tape and where they wanted it.

Next I used some old red and silver curling ribbon (I have probably had for over 10 years) to add streamers to them, and a loop for the top. To make the topper part, I cut circles from card stock and cut into the circle- one slit- them bent them to make the topper. We added more tape to the toppers and I had to use a glue gun to attach them.
Then we hung them up above the kitchen table. It took me a little time to piece all the parts together, but when your 4 year old says his prayers and thanks God for "mommy who let him make a rocket firecracker" you know it was worth your time.  Plus- it was basically free- since we had everything on hand. You can't beat that.

Have a great Fourth of July! Life is good.

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