Tuesday, July 3, 2012

DIY Last Minute Easy Flag Decor

I have been out of town do I have not had time to get my 4th of July posts up. So...here is another last minute post. Thanks to pinterest, you can always just "pin" something....so it doesn't matter when it is posted right? ha ha.

We made a few new flag items....I think you can keep these around until September if you want.

First-Burlap Flag Banner-- as seen HERE. I found this via pinterest. It is so so cute. I had everything I needed already- leftover spray paint and left over burlap (I used white). This project was so fast and easy- you could make it before tomorrow if you really wanted to! {Or you could go buy one on etsy}.

I cut triangle pendant shapes out of my burlap. Then I used painters tape to tape stripes- and attach them to a piece of cardboard. Next I sprayed my red spray paint. For the stars, I had some wooden star shapes, so I just put them out randomly, and sprayed away with my blue spray paint. I did not even have to make a stencil. My little wooden stars worked just fine.

Mine is not perfect...but it is good enough for me.

I hung a little bit by the front door, and a some in the great room. I don't have very many Patriotic decorations. This one is really fun and makes a big statement.

Next I re purposed an old board to make a flag. I had this board- it was originally a decorative sign I bought years ago at Ross or something. I sanded off the top design, and was going to make a really cool happy quote sign. But it was a great size for a flag so I made a flag...

 Here it is finished- I sanded it to cover up the mistakes and give it a little distressing.
I love simple crafts that are FREE. Free therapy is the best kind. I have a kid's craft from today- I'll post separately...Happy 4th of July!

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