Friday, August 24, 2012

Busy with...

I have about a dozen things I'd love to post, but then again I don't want to spend an hour at the computer editing and posting it... So instead here is what we have been up to....

I'm training for a 1/2 marathon. No, I have not lost any weight. For the life of me, it has never been easy to lose weight when I run a lot. And yes, I know you need to watch what you put in your mouth.
I used to run a lot-- a long time ago--like marathons and 1/2's and stuff. No I was not fast. I signed up for a 1/2 to help myself remember that I can run long and it feels good. I also discovered cross-fit, and boot camp and all of it is good. I may not be skinny, but I am getting strong. Strong is the new skinny anyway- in case you did not know.

Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays! We have had a few or maybe it was many. I can't remember.
But it was fun. And there was a lot of cake to eat. And a few decorations to make.  More on those things later.

More birthdays- and pool parties. And fun stuff like that. Although I do wish we would have gone to the pool a little more often. Oh well, we have a few more months of 90-100 degree days! That is what happens when you live in a sunny Arizona.

One thing I really like about where we live, is the toads. They are everywhere. I always have loved frogs and toads. The only thing I don't like is seeing a dead one on the street, or the 100's that commit suicide by jumping out on the street during a monsoon. This one, apparently did not do that- which is why he is so big. We like to go out at night after a monsoon and look for them. They are everywhere. They eat the mosquitoes and other bugs- so how can you not love them?

We have a fun little zoo. We love visiting. My kids don't care if it is a bazillion degrees out there- they still want to go to the zoo. So we do. And I sweat like I'm in a sauna, and they squeal with delight like they are in an amusement park. I think I'll deal with the sweat.

We had a blast watching the elephants play in the water. There were two that were brothers and boy did they act like it! They were wrestling each other just like my boys do! Go figure!
And Changing my decorating by rearranging things on the shelves and changing up the curtains for almost free. Cheap-o panels at Ross...and I'll show you what I'm doing to them..later.

And we have enjoyed a few Arizona sunsets, and being with our kids! I have tried to sneak in some sewing, or Project Life, or preschool planning.
I have to admit, I haven't missed blogging, or turning off my computer. I made a decision to turn it off on my husband's days off. That has resulted in turning it off more. In return, I've had more conversations with my children, and spent more time with my husband. Don't trade finding cute ideas online, or blogging, or FB, or pinning, or whatever it is you may do for spending time with your spouse, your husband. Truly, that is what really matters. While I'd like to be some super-blogger, I don't think I'll ever be. I choose to spend my time differently- making memories with those I love. And nothing can take the place of that. :)  In fact, I just spent an hour writing this! Well sometimes I need "blog therapy"....
Thanks for reading or at least pretending you read this blog!
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Mindy said...

Maybe its because you tell it how it is. Maybe its because you are a mom of all boys (I am too!) Maybe its because I love your style. I still don't remember how I came across your page to begin with, but I've been reading it for some time now. Sorry, I don't ever comment. But I will get on the computer from time to time and think, I should see what she is up to. Pretty sure if you lived in my neighborhood, I would want to be your friend. Thanks for all you are and for all you inspire in me.