Saturday, September 1, 2012

R2D2 Birthday Cake {super easy star wars cake}

I like to make a fun cake for my kid's birthdays. And I let them request whatever they want, and try to make it happen. Most cakes have been easy, or I have found help online. This year my son wanted the Millennium Falcon. I talked him into R2D2 since it was the day of the birthday....and it had to be easy. And so here you go-a super easy R2D2 cake:

I made two cake mixes (I always add things to my cake mixes because I think plain cake mixes are boring...-I think I added some pudding and fat free sour cream...)
I put one cake in two round pans and one cake in a rectangle pan.

  I cut off about one row on the rectangle off the bottom. I cut part of on the side- you can see on the right- and added it back- so don't do that. Just cut about one row off the bottom. Next, cut a little more than 1/2 of a round for the head. Using the other part of the round, cut out 3 feet- rounded type triangle looking pieces. I just looked at a picture of R2D2 and cut. If you do that, you will be good. I did not have room to add the legs- so I drew lines w/ the frosting as seen below.
Once again, looking at a picture of R2D2 Add all those details. I used graham crackers and oreos- mini and regular size- for the details along with frosting and one red lifesaver.
Please ignore the part where I clearly did not have a steady hand when applying the frosting.

And there you have it. I definitely am not a "fancy smancy" cake baker. I have never used fondant. Nor do I want to (it doesn't taste that great)- and I often use a cake mix. The kids don't care. They loved it. They want the same cake next year.They had the best time eating it, and said I was the best mommy ever.  I call that a success.

Thanks for reading!

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Nicole said...

Adorable - and thanks for sharing! I want one for my birthday!

Cindy said...

I think I am going to try this one for my son's party this weekend. Thanks for the idea. You did a great job on yours. That is awesome! I'm so psyched to try it. Now if I can just find some Star Wars stickers to go on a few of the decorations I'll be set.