Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Preschool First Day Prep Kit

In my "former" life- before I had children- I taught elementary school for about 10 years. I loved it. I especially loved getting ready for school to start. Now I do preschool from my home a few days a week.  I had my preschool back-to-school Open House, and I always want to give the little ones a little something to get them excited, and let them know everything will be O.K.
Here is what I did...

I used baby food containers, and patterned kids tape ( which is cheaper than washi tape, and kid friendly tape). I also tied them up with twine. I gave one to each child at the Open House.
    Here is a little peek of what was inside:

I had seven little things inside, and a note folded up on top,  with what all the items meant.
Here they are:
1. Smarties- We are going to learn lots of fun things this year and become real smarties!
2. Penny- You are a very valuable to our class!
3. Eraser- It is O.K. to make mistakes.
4. Hershey's Hug- I am here is you ever need a hug.
5. Star burst-You are a shining star!
6. Lifesaver-I am here to help you!
7. Sticker- We will stick together and help one another!
I am so excited to have you in preschool!

This can be adopted to any grade. My son brought something similar home from school, and he loved it. This was so easy, and I think the little containers really made it a little extra special for the kids.

Thanks for reading!
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