Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DIY Disney Autograph and Memory Books

 For our recent Disney trip, I put together little memory books for my kids. These were so fun, and really added to the trip- especially after we got home.

 To make my little books, I used some plastic photo 4 by6 books, you can purchase at Walmart. They cost $1. I used washi tape to decorate the covers, with some stickers. The Mickey Mouse shape is an old paint chip card from Home Depot, that I just cut out. I don't know if Home Depot carries the Mickey Mouse paint chip cards anymore, but we have some from past years. {You can see my Disney Count Down calendar I made several years ago using them here.}
 For the back of the books, I used stickers I already had, and washi tape. All the pages in the book are just white card stock that I cut down to size.
 When we saw a character, we pulled out our books, and took one page out of the book. The pages inside also had random Disney stickers on them. I left about 1/2 of the pages empty for adding photos and other memories.
 To make signing the book easier for the character, we used little office clips to hold the page onto the book. I also brought a baggie of different colored sharpies for signing the books. My children really loved picking out a sharpie that was the same color as the character. (black-Mickey, orange-Tigger, etc.)

 When we got home we put our books all together. We added photos of the characters, to go next to the autograph pages. Since we did not spend all our time seeking character autographs, we had many extra pages in our books. These little books can hold about 25 pages. I had the kids write about their memories. For my younger children, I had them tell me what they liked and I wrote it down just like them said it. My three year old, (above) mentioned that he loved the Radiator Springs Racers, but they did not get trophies. It was fun to hear his perspective on the ride, and record it.

You can also add postcards, and other photos to the book. The postcards fit almost perfectly. We put postcards inside the back and front covers.

Now you have a nice little memory book for your kids! These are great- because you can throw them in your diaper bag or purse, and take them to church, doctors offices, or anywhere else you may need your child to do something quiet for a few minutes.
Happy Summer and Thanks for Reading!

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The Clark's said...

Love this! Probably the best autograph book I've seen because I like how you added pictures and their experiences next to it.

Monica said...

These are so cute, I love the ideas. You are right, kids love to have books of themselves so this is perfect.