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Disney's Cars Birthday Party Ideas for DIY

Oh the crazy days of summer- and having 4 active boys with birthdays- while being pregnant with twins! Time is getting away from me! Here is the CARS Birthday I did about a month ago....

I've seen many awesome Disney Car's parties on Pinterest- some where you just buy a kit and it has everything you need- you just pull it out and put it up. If you are looking for that sort of thing, this is not it. I did pull together many ideas I found online, along with some of my own. This is my version of a Disney Car's Party for a four-year-old.

 Most Disney items have a very strict copyright on them. However, there are many free images you can get online for your own personal use. For the invitation, I used a photo I took in Disneyland.
Using Photoshop I printed on it.

When the children arrived, I had them choose a coloring sheet from CARS to color. I had brown paper bags (that had CARS on them with their names) to put all their items from the party in. After they colored their picture, we put them in their bag for safe keeping.
When they finished coloring, we had a road made with painter's tape in the hallway, along with a bucket of CARS from the movie, for them to play with, while everyone finished their coloring page.

 GAMES: I had more ideas than time or energy to get ready. The first one we played, was "Bean Bag Tire Toss". If you look at Target right now, you can find these blow up tires for $3. I ordered mine online from Amazon.
 My almost 2 year old, decided he would sit inside one of the tires, leaving us two to play with instead of three. For older kids, you could have points for each tire if you wanted. I made some CARS beanbags, from scraps I had on hand.
 Another game we played, was "Guess which Cone the Car is Under." I found these colorful cones at ROSS. But you can pick up some at Walmart, or Target. I liked these, because they were better quality, and a better price. Everyone got a prize for these games. I bought a large package of cheap cars at Toys-R-Us, and they all got to choose a car.

Another game, was a "CARS RELAY." I bought cheap water noodles, and taped them into tires. We also had some cones from them to run around. This was a little bit of a challenge with four year olds- some of them got it and some of them did not. But they still had fun.

For DIY decorations, I used pictures I found online of scenes from CARS. I put a border on them, and printed them out  in mostly  5 by 7 prints, and attached them to cones, with balloons. That is about the extent of the ideas. If you are interested in copies, please leave a comment, and I may post them to share. I tried to keep it simple- I did sew a CARS runner out of scrap fabric I had. But there are piles of dirty dishes in the sink, and clutter on the counter that I cropped out of the photo-- yep I picked decorating over cleaning....

The Happy Birthday Banner -below- came from Target- I found it on clearance. The cones- I found at Ross.

I have seen these parties with seven courses of treats. You will not find that at my parties. I'm not going to kill myself making themed food, and personally, if the party is for small children, I think cake and ice cream are enough. I usually do cupcakes for the kids, and make a cake, for us as a family to share later. That is what I did. I found an easy way to make a Tow Mater Cake- I will share in another post- since mine is different from what I found online, and made cupcakes. We had ice cream and water to go with it.- Simple.
FAVORS: I bought Hot Wheels cars, Disney Cars fruit snacks, and  some clearance Disney Cars sticker pages I found at Target. I put them in clear bags, and used a Cars sticker to seal the bag. The Disney Cars stickers I used for the cupcake toppers, and to seal the favor bags, I found at Oriental Trading. Note:After the party, I did find some Disney Cars on clearance at the Disney Store that would have been perfect for favors. I'm always keeping an eye out for a good deal.
For the last few minutes of the party, we watched some of the Tow Mater Disney Shorts while waiting for parents to come pick up the kids.
 I am happy to share my printable decorations and invitation...just leave a comment. I hope you find this post useful...I sure had fun throwing a little Cars party for my 4 year old.
Thanks for Reading....

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Niki said...

Very cool! My little guy would have loved that kind of party. You did a great job!!!!!

Dawn said...

Hi, do you have instructions on the tow mater cake. It looks great!

cole and jaclyn said...

Great ideas! Could I get a copy of the invite and the printable decorations? My 4 year old finally decided he wanted a Cars party again :)

Brittany said...

What an awesome party! My boys would love that. Were the tires inflatable?