Monday, July 8, 2013

Preschool Color Songs-Free Printables {Part 2}

For copies of the first half of the color songs, click HERE.

Finally I got these finished! It's getting ready for preschool time....and catching up on some projects from a while ago.... Here are the rest of the color song poem printables. {note: I don't know the original source of these songs; but I know they have been around for decades. I have had a typed up copy of the lyrics in my files for the past 20 years. My children made crayon shaped books with these songs in there are many different copies out there. I just made these up so I would have a cute copy to display and sing with my preschoolers, as we focus on a different color each month.} I made these in a 8.5 by11 format. You should be able to print them onto white card stock from your home computer, and laminate them. If you would like a smaller format, or if you have problems downloading them, PLEASE leave me a comment with contact information, or email me at{little gems crafts} at{gmail} dot com and I'll try to get you what you need. To print, see links below photo.  UPDATE: I get lots of comments on this post but unfortunately I do not have time to respond to them anymore. PLEASE click the links below. They do work. You may have to open it up in a different browser. I use explorer to open the links and they work just fine. Hope that helps!

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S B H said...

These are really cool Sharla! I couldn't find a good place for Meili to go to preschool this year, so I am doing it myself. I am also teaching a couple of other little ones in my neighborhood. What kind of curriculum do you use? Any help you could offer me? I am not sure I want to pay someone (ie MotherGoose Time) to send me material and stuff. I would rather kind of put one together. You have LOADS of experience, so I figure you are the perfect person to ask!!
Thanks so much! We miss you lots!
Suzanne Hill

riley said...

frogstreet press is the publisher they have a current curriculum called splash into pre=k