Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th 2013!

I would like to say that we did something super fun- as this is probably one of my favorite holidays-but that is not the case. All four of my kids have been due around the 4th, and I am pregnant yet again.
My husband's job is such that he works most holidays- so we don't get to do much.
About the only thing I did, was buy- not make- some flag shirts for my kids, and make them take a few photos. I know- thrilling.
I also live in what I consider a very unpatriotic community- no parades-no 10K races-etc. It is so hot that you really can't do all day activities out there anyway. So my favorite holiday was a regular day.
What was yours like?
Thanks for reading!

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Jennifer said...

Sorry, Sharla! We've found out over the last couple years that we're the only ones in our family that are "friendless" on the 4th. With no one to celebrate with, I finally decided to make my own fun and traditions by making homemade rootbeer and having an ice cream sundae bar with the kids, then letting them stay up (the only night ALL YEAR!) with glow sticks and such while we watch the fireworks. They liked it so much, they asked for it again this year! Funny how such little things create memories our kids will treasure. You're doing great! Do you know what you're having yet?