Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Evolution of my Pregnant with Twins Belly {so far}

I thought some of you may be interested to see my pregnant belly. I have a lot less energy, and have to do things a lot slower...so forgive me for not getting some of those reader requests posted.{I will soon.}

However, I did take a few minutes today, using the digital version of Project Life, to document how large I have gotten so far! If you like to record family memories, but don't want to do time consuming traditional scrapbooking, you really should check out Project Life. I love it!

Today I saw two cute profiles- one even let us see "it" in 3-D...and opened its mouth, etc. As uncomfortable, tired, and hard as pregnancy can be, it is such a blessing, to be able to give someone life, to be a mother. I feel very grateful....even though I know this is going to change my life like crazy!

Enjoy..... and Happy Fourth of July! God Bless so many who have sacrificed for our country, our freedom, and others. {Especially the families in Arizona, who lost loved ones in the Yarnell Hill Fire this week}

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