Monday, August 12, 2013

Colors Quiet Book- {Sewing & Craft Project using scraps from your stash}

Confession: I made this back in January. It has only taken my 8 months to share it with you.  I had the letters for about 2 years before I finally  used them. Yes it is taking me a long time to get things up on the blog to share with you these days- - but I'm still here. :)

Today at church, my 2 year old, went through this book a few times, and named all his colors! I have never had a two year old know all their colors when they could just barely talk. The color songs, have really helped, along with this little book, and - I confess- an awesome DVD called Preschool Prep. Colors.

This is a really fun little book, and I put mine together a little differently from some I've seen, so I'll share that with you.
First, here are all the pages:
I bought the letters from Everyday Celebrations Etsy shop. You could make your own if you have a cutting machine. I attached them with Wonder Under- any iron on adhesive will work.  Then I used scraps from my stash. I just cut scraps- no hemming - just zig zag the pieces onto the pages.
The pages- are fabric cut from a sheet- but you could use muslin. I put some lightweight batting in between the fabric. The pages are two cut together- so that they form a large rectangle. I zig-zagged around the edges, attaching the pages together with the batting in between. BEFORE doing that, I sewed all the color scraps to the page.  The cover: I added scraps to the back, and front, and then made some binding (very unperfectly) from some scraps. I did this before sewing the pages together. To make the book, I laid all the pages on top of each other (two pages were attached together already by the way I cut the pages) and stitched down the center, turning it into a book. If you have ever made those pre-printed fabric books, it is very similar to that. The book tucks easily into a diaper bag or purse. My boys have loved it, and I think it has really helped the younger ones learn their colors.  The finished size is about 5 by 7 inches.

What fun things have you made lately for your kids?

Thanks for reading!

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Sandy said...

How timely is this post? My niece was just saying yesterday that her little ones would not behave in church, so I offered to make her some quiet books! I have a Silhouette Cameo, so that will make cutting out the letters a breeze! Thanks so much for sharing this :)

Lauren said...

This is definitely on my to do list this year