Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Despicable Me Cake {it;s even lemon flavored}

We have seen a lot of fun movies this summer, and loved Despicable Me 2! With all the birthdays we had this summer, we just had to make a Minion Cake. I owe this inspiration to Pinterest- thank you you incredibly creative people with lots of time on your hands- you all had so many great ideas! Mine is a little different - because I only do super easy cakes. I will share the recipe with you later- because the cake is lemon flavored- and really good!

Minion Cake:
I made one rectangle cake and cut off the corners to round it  as shown. After frosting it as above, I used a Little Debbie's whoopee type pie with the top cut off for the eye, with a Hershey's kiss placed in it. The glasses are just gray frosting, and black licorice. The buttons on the overalls/pants are also Hershey's kisses. No fondant- I did find a great frosting recipe that spread really smooth that I used for the yellow.

Anyway, it was a fun and super easy cake!

Thanks for reading!

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