Monday, February 1, 2010

Make a Car Cozie {Car Cozy} or Roll-up from a Place mat

Haven't made a car cozie yet? What are you waiting for?? Now you have no excuses! This past week, I played around with place mats from the Dollar Store, and let me tell you, so simple, so affordable, and there is so much you can do with it! Why didn't I think of this before?

You can use my car cozie tutorial, or you can use this one from Homemade by Jill. I used her number idea. As I was making this, I thought it needed something extra, and I remembered her cute numbers she put on her Cozy Car Caddy.

Here is the easy-peasy 411:
How to Make a Car Cozie or Roll-up from a Place mat:

1. Buy a place mat that is at least 18 inches long. I got mine at Dollar Tree.
2. Pre-wash it. Iron it.
3. Fold it where you would like your pocket to be. (If you want to make an art supply roll-up, there are photos below.)
4. Mark it evenly with pins as seen below:

5. Sew straight lines and back-stitch and over-stitch for your pockets. (see tutorial for more details)
6. If you want to apply numbers, you can refer to Jill's tutorial. She provides a template. I just picked a font on my computer and printed out numbers. If you want the exact font and size, email me and I'll let you know. (It's on my other computer and I'm too lazy to turn it on and check.)  I used Wonder Under to iron them on. I may have sewn them on too, but my pockets were already sewn when I decided to add the numbers.
7. Cut a strip of denim or other fabric for the road.  (Who says the road has to be black? ☻) Add yellow lines. (again see tutorial)
8. Sew on a closure- I used ribbon because I already had that. ☻
9. Enjoy your new toy!

Here it is all rolled up. It is smaller than my regular car cozie/cozy that I was selling in my shop.
Cars aren't your thing but art supplies are? How about making an art supply roll-up from a place mat? This place mat was just the right size for markers!
Here it is all rolled up:
OOOHHHH the things you can do with a place mat! I have lots more "place mat crafts" to show you later!
Now don't run to Dollar Tree and buy out all the place mats... O.K.... you can buy some...but please save some for me. ☻

The Girl Creative


Leslie said...

awesome idea!!! i love the car carrier especially

Michelle said...

I love it!!! That is awesome, for cars or markers- I think all children need both =)!

the mama monster said...

cute! and so easy. what about using a cute dishtowel? i think that would be super cute too.

Maggie Reno said...

Cute. The Place mat will most certainly make that faster! I'll have to try it.

Kristin said...

Great! I love the new "shortcut"

Michelle... said...

Holy cow girl!! How do you find the time for all these great projects? I love the diaper clutch. Who knew you could make so many great things from a placemat?

sweetpea@brown paper packages said...

I LOVE the marker carrier!! I can't wait to try it!

Amie said...

I love this!!! I went out looking for placemats I liked at Dollar Tree but was unsuccessful. Going back again soon, I've gotta try this project.

Angie - said...

Love it! Come share at my party: Thursday's Treasures!!

Elizabeth said...

I just made mine too, and love them. Thanks for such a great idea!